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Our aim

rainforest conservation

We aim to promote the sustainable production and sale of Brazil nut products while preserving the Amazon rainforest.

Brazil nuts are native to the Amazon region and are an important source of income for local communities. However, unsustainable harvesting practices have led to the destruction of the rainforest and have threatened the future of the Brazil nut industry.

Our work

rainforest conservation

We seek to address the issue by working with local farmers to promote sustainable harvesting practices and to produce high-quality Brazil nut products that are environmentally responsible. Our primary target audience is health-conscious consumers who value sustainable and ethical products. We plan to support unique products that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

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Brazil nuts have never been successfully cultivated at scale on farms, and in the wild are dependent on the conservation of the forest around them.

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rainforest conservation

Our Vision

The Brazil nut industry is a significant source of income for many communities in the Amazon region. However, unsustainable harvesting practices have led to deforestation and the loss of biodiversity in the region. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases and are seeking out products that are environmentally responsible. There is a growing market for sustainable and ethically sourced products, particularly in the food and beverage sector. Our target market is health-conscious consumers who value sustainability and ethical sourcing.


rainforest conservation

Our Mission

Mission 001

Raise awareness globally of the economic gains of expanding the global brazil nut market, and increase it's value year on year, to outcompete farmed products such as cattle and soy bean production that drive farmers to destroy the rainforest.

Mission 002

Work with local communities and the wider industry to solve obstacles to brazil nut farming, such as lack of equipment, better processing methods and accessible transport.

Mission 003

Support the expansion of local reforestation programmes through financial contributions and partnerships.

rainforest conservation

PROTECTING the Rainforest

Restoring the Amazon rainforest is a long-term effort that requires continuous adaptation and improvement. As new information becomes available, restoration strategies should be adjusted and improved to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Prevention is better than restoration however, therefore our primary aim is to raise the economic value of preserved natural Rainforest as a first priority.

rainforest conservation

Environmental Reforestation

As a secondary effort, repairing the Amazon rainforest is a collaborative task that requires the engagement and education of all stakeholders.

This includes working with local communities, businesses, and governments to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness of the economic advantages of cultivating healthy living rainforest and implementing reforestation programs.

rainforest conservation


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rainforest Conservation